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The date for when the book of Daniel was written is somewhat controversial. For conservative Christians, the earliest date is about BCE. For liberal scholars Naturalists , the latest data is about BCE. This study uses the late date of BCE as the time stamp for when the book of Daniel was written. By taking this position, bias based on this study is removed. It is the “worst case” position to be taken. Eight copies of Daniel were found at the Dead Sea Scrolls site. The oldest copy has been scientifically dated to BCE using carbon dating techniques. Since it is a copy, the original was written long before BCE.

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Shipwreck dating back 2, years found at the bottom of the Black Sea Researchers on an expedition in the Black Sea found themselves staring at one of the most incredible ancient artifacts.

June 23rd, Author: Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e. South India, Sri Lanka and Africa. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient. Therefore some people started travelling from south to north.

Such northward migration continued for several centuries and finally when these people from south India reached the banks of Himalayan Rivers, they got climatic conditions conducive to long term development of civilization on the banks of these rivers providing security of water, food and shelter for a very long time. Thousands of years later, when some of these Himalayan Rivers became non-perennial or started drying up, some of these people started moving towards Central Asia and Europe.

As per ecologists this ecological cycle has been repeating itself and will get repeated after every ice age and during the beginnings of all Holocene cycles. Therefore the history of growth of civilization in the world is not 4 to 5 thousand years old but it is more than 10, years old. However, during last years, several new scientific tools and techniques have been developed, which are capable to determining the dates of any ancient events in scientific and precise manner.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest manuscript discovery of modern times. They were discovered between and in eleven caves along the northwest shore of the Dead Sea. This is an arid region 13 miles east of Jerusalem and 1, feet below sea level. The Dead Sea Scrolls are comprised of the remains of approximately to separate scrolls, represented by tens of thousands of fragments.

The well-known scholarly publisher, Brill, recently released notice of a new article about Dead Sea Scroll forgeries. From their website: The findings of false fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been all over the media recently: collectors have purchased modern forgeries from dubious sellers, at astronomical prices. To assure the authenticity of ‘new’ fragments on the [ ].

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Bordering Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, among other nations, the inland body of water’s trade routes were dominated by the Ottoman Turks after they occupied Constantinople in It was a key battlefield during World War II and has once again become contested, with Ukraine and Russia clashing there in recent years. But there was a time when trade flourished in the Black Sea.

And on Tuesday, European researchers revealed some stunning details about a period when Greek ships crossed the Bosporus strait, loaded with goods to trade and risking storms and natural disasters. One such ship has now been discovered almost completely intact at the bottom of the Black Sea at a depth of 1. While animals and bacteria would usually decompose a wooden shipwreck’s remains within centuries, the foot-long Greek shipwreck lay undisturbed for more than 2, years, researchers with the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project said Tuesday.

The Greek trading ship was the oldest of dozens of shipwrecks that were discovered off the coast of Bulgaria during the three-year project, which the team claims is the biggest effort of its kind.

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The young Ta’amireh shepherd was certainly unaware of destiny when his innocent search for a stray goat led to the fateful discovery of Hebrew scrolls in a long-untouched cave. One discovery led to another, and eleven scroll-yielding caves and a habitation site eventually were uncovered. Since the site of these discoveries-the Qumran region the desert plain and the adjoining mountainous ridge and the Qumran site have been subjected to countless probes; not a stone has remained unturned in the desert, not an aperture unprobed.

The Qumran settlement has been exhaustively excavated.

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But is there evidence that such an event did in fact happen — and if so, precisely where did it take place? The issue is surfacing some 3, years after the event is said to have taken place with reports of Egyptian chariot wheels found in the Red Sea, photographs to document it and new books by scientists that could lead to a whole remapping of the Exodus route and a fresh look at ancient biblical accounts. Wheel of fortune Is this a chariot wheel that chased Moses?

These people are making it up as they go to be TV stars. Before passing away, Wyatt devoted years searching for and documenting physical evidence for events mentioned in the Bible.

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That theory was based in part on the contents of a scroll that University of Arizona researchers said was made before Christ was born. The scrolls consist of some manuscripts in Hebrew and Aramaic that were discovered in caves east of Jerusalem, near the ruins of Qumran on the Dead Sea, between and They include the oldest known manuscripts of books from the Old Testament, and their discovery is considered one of the great archaeological finds of the century.

Traditionally, the scrolls are viewed as the work of an ascetic Jewish sect, the Essenes, who lived in a monastery near the caves between about B. A commentary on the first two chapters of the biblical Book of Habakkuk was one of the 18 texts dated at the UA lab. The results, announced yesterday in Tucson and Jerusalem, have been submitted for publication in the journal Atiqot and elsewhere.

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